Monday, 19 August 2013

Montana Horse Ranches – The Best Place for Real Estate Investment

It is true that cattle, sheep and agricultural producers from other parts of US wonder about comparatively increased productivity value in Montana land ranches. It is the huge organic yields, amazing ranches, and excellent region to invest in real estate, fascinating tourist spots and live hood close to Nature that Montana earned the titles like The Last Best Place, Big Sky Country and Treasure State. For me, none other than Montana Horse Ranches offer the best place to make living with wide ranging lifestyles and earning opportunities.

The most significant value Montana State famous for is the biggest real estate market, Montana Horse Ranches. The soil here produces protein enriched grasses that in turn add remarkable weight on livestock. Ranches on the eastern side are eminent for wheat, oil and coal. However, rock mining, tourism, lumber production and horse ranches offer tremendous investment opportunities western Montana.

Horse ranches in the southeastern Montana offer startling real estate investment opportunities as the area is urbanized for instance Kalispell, Bozeman and Missoula. Other factors that add to investment opportunities are energy production and coal development projects.

Montana horse ranches housing thousands of horses, cattle with fascinating pockets of ranches equipped with excellent facilities offer wide ranging outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hunting, skiing, rafting, camping, fishing and biking. Furthermore, wildlife here is something one really need to experience. Powder River County referred as the wildlife capital of the world is one of the amazing places on Montana horse ranches one must plan to visit in the very next vocation trip.

Fritz Ranch located in Yellowstone County, is the most attractive and unique investment opportunity of all the Montana horse ranches. Geographical location of the Fritz Ranch is of critical significance. The top and south hills of Yellowstone River along with 350 acres border consist of the Fritz Ranch predominantly entitled as Big Sky Country. The long boarder range with the river, Fritz Ranch offers plentiful fishing, canoeing and boating opportunities. It is the famous Lewis & Clark trail that makes camping unique at Fritz Ranch.

From Fritz Ranch views of Yellowstone River valley, the City of Billings, the City of Laurel and that of sandstone Cliffs are really amazing and breathtaking. You can have views of Rocky Mountain up to 60 miles as the Fritz Ranch is located just to the east of foothills of Rocky Mountains and at one of the highest points in the valley. The beautiful Fritz Ranch ensures easy access as it is located on Fritz road with a paved road to ranch entrance.

Of all the Montana Horse Ranches, Fritz Ranch is the one with more number of water rights and springs as it is just close to foothills of Rocky Mountains. Water rights and spring make available ample water supply to home and buildings, cattle and wildlife.

One of the silent features of Fritz Montana Horse Ranch is the beautifully constructed log home at one of the height point to have view sight of Yellowstone valley and Rocky Mountains. The building is 2000 square feet upstairs and 1500 square feet downstairs. Also it features stone fireplace upstairs and stone fireplace downstairs with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Moreover, the ranch includes a large shop, utility room and additional outbuilding with an excellent water supply system.