Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MAN Sports Pure PF3 – Pure Protein Supplement

The supplements powered with protein are widely known for building muscle mass and boosting energy levels. These are also used for improving the stamina level of athletes so that they can perform intense trainings without getting tired. Gone are the days when people used to rely on natural foods and nutrients only for building muscles and elevating energy levels. In the present days, people look for a way to increase muscle building in shortest possible time. They rely on protein shakes and supplements to improve their muscle mass. In this article, we are going to discuss a product known as MAN Sports Pure PF3; a pure protein supplement meant for body builders.

Product Information:
The MAN Sports Pure PF3 is one of the best concentrated protein supplement that is powered with best and high quality ingredients that are not used in an ordinary protein supplement. It is completely free of dusty and pixy ingredients, zero calories and no added fillers and the best value supplement. MAN Sports Pure PF3 contains high molecular weight protein that has greater capacity of protein and also responsible for digestion of food. This protein is known as immunoglobulin G protein that is fifteen times stronger than the normal protein isolate and hence it offers high level of strength to the muscles and body. The supplement completely prevents the problems like stomach bloating, muscle soreness, belching and fat accumulation that usually happens if you are taking a low quality supplement.

The MAN Sports Pure PF3 causes the protein to pass through the walls of intestine which is faster than the whey isolate and increases the digestion of essential nutrients. It also causes absorption, assimilation and spike of proteins’ bio-availability. The MAN Sports Pure PF3 also slows down the digestion of branched chain amino acids in the body spread over a long period of time so that reduction of catabolism. The supplement has glycogen- protein characteristics meaning that it replenishes level of glycogen very efficiently without requiring the carbohydrates. The MAN Sports Pure PF3 is engineered with extreme level of research and it is completely free from low quality ingredients plus it prevents any major side effects. A large number of professional athletes and body builders are using the supplement and have reported positive response about it.

Dosage and Direction:

New Customers Save $5The MAN Sports Pure PF3 has different dosage recommendation for both men and women. For men; you must take one scoop with 8 – 12 ounce of water or milk and repeat the practice for 3 times a day with an average gap of 8 hours. For women, you should take 1 scoop in 8 -10 ounce of water and milk or any other beverage and repeat the practice for 2 time’s day and not more than that. Also take consultation from your doctor or physician before using the supplement. The supplement is meant for individuals who are above the age of 18 and less than 50 those who are already on some type of medication cannot use MAN Sports Pure PF3